Macquarie Arms Hotel Windsor
Macquarie Arms Hotel built 1815 is the oldest pub standing still being used for it's original purpose.
Ebenezer Church
Ebenezer Church  Australia's oldest church built 1809.
Historic Tizzana Winery
Tizzana winery built 1887 by Dr Thomas Fiaschi

Historic Hot Spots Tours

Visit sites and buildings that are part of early Australian History. The Hawkesbury is the third Australian  settlement.  The Oldest is Australia's Oldest Church - Ebenezer Church c1809. Others include Windsor Court House 1822, St Matthews Anglican Church c1817 and Macquarie Arms Hotel

The Macquarie Arms Hotel was built in 1815.  It is the oldest purpose built Inn still standing. Built by Richard Fitzgerald on land given to him by Governor Macquarie.  There has been additions to the building but the cedar woodwork inside can still be seen. The bricks used on the outside wall were  rejected by those building St Matthews Church.

Ebenezer Church was built in 1809. It was built and paid for by the free settlers at Portland Head on land donated by Owen Cavanaugh. It was the first Presbyterian Church erected and is the oldest church still standing in Australia.

Tizzana vineyard was originally planted in 1882 by Dr Fiaschi. He originally planted 50 acres as an experiment from cutting he bought from Italy and France. He then
increased the planting up to 230 acres.

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