Fresh Mandarines
Freshly picked mandarins.


freshly picked apples
Freshly picked local apples.

Freshly Picked Roses

 freshly picked roses

Farm Gate Tours

The Hawkesbury is well known as the food bowl for the early Sydney colony. Food was transported by boat down the Hawkesbury River to Sydney. Why not discover it for yourself on a personalized farm gate tour while travelling through the picturesque Hawkesbury? 

Discover the various farms where you can pick the fruit straight off the trees and notice the difference in taste. Buy straight from the farmer. Talk to the farmer about the produce they grow. Take some home so you can enjoy it later. Tour the farm and learn about the place from those at the farm gate.

Why not buy a voucher for a gift so the recipient can choose their own tour.

  Come on a personalised tour of the Hawkesbury.  We offer a tour guide to hop on your bus and can organise all tour components for you. To contact us go to the contact page.

Produce and times when normally available
produce normally available
Apples January to May
Honey January to December
Oranges June to January
Mandarins June to August
Plums November to January
Peaches November to January
Saki January to December
Vegetables all year round
Walnuts and Chestnuts March and April

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